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Hendrik Gutwirth and Daniel Parks have combined 20 years Paramedic experience at the frontline of emergency medicine. They have made it their mission to bring First Aid out of the darkness and into the light of the 21st Century.

EasyAid has a vision to make the highest quality First Aid Kits to suit specific needs in Business, Retail, Personal, Education, Workplace, Government, Military or any Industry including Mining, Auto, Marine and Airline. EasyAid will design, develop and deliver the perfect first aid unit to fit any budget and requirements. When you work with EasyAid you get unparrelled experience and training so you can have the finest and most up to date product available at your finger tips, for when you need reliable and essential first aid.

Since 2013, EasyAid have been providing a professional first aid consulting services to clients from a range of industries. From planning, design and building, EasyAid focus on quality and effective relationships to get the best outcome for clients. EasyAid want to work with you ensuring you are a leader in optimum First Aid.

Contact EasyAid today for make a positive impact in your place of work and provide you with an obligation free quote on our products and services.

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